What’s Our Microbiome Got To Do With COVID? Everything!

If there is anything the pandemic has taught us, other than the best strategies for hoarding toilet paper, it brought an awareness of our own vulnerability. We are not invincible. In fact, quite the opposite. Many people suffered serious complications and others succumbed to this new and deadly disease that took everyone by surprise. ResearchContinue reading “What’s Our Microbiome Got To Do With COVID? Everything!”

Plentiful Produce

Signs of spring are everywhere! April showers. May flowers. Sparkling sunshine. Blossoming flowers and flourishing gardens. Colorful fresh produce. Farmer’s Markets. I love the Marietta Farmer’s Market. There are over 50 vendors with a variety of edibles ranging from cucumbers to watermelons, home-made breads to sweet desserts, and healthy teas to infused oils. So manyContinue reading “Plentiful Produce”