Meditative Musings

I meditate to listen to the silence, to absorb the stillness. I meditate to recharge, energize and focus. I meditate to align my chakras and to integrate mind, body, and soul – the Holy Trinity within. I meditate to find purpose, direction and fulfillment. Lastly, I meditate to find enlightenment and to understand Truth. The Truth of not knowing, not understanding, and not visualizing the inherent Truth in being human. Acceptance of this “not knowing” is the true spiritual path. Life’s mysteries will always remain inexplicable.

My body is a holy gift from God, a complex physical manifestation of my spiritual essence, designed for sacred purpose and boundless creativity.

Ready yourself for a spiritual connection.

Be still and know that you and God are one.


I feel the ground beneath me – firm, unyielding, and strong – my lineage. It is the dust from which I came and to which I will return.

I bring my attention to my feet, essential for walking upon holy ground that leads me down my journey’s path.

I am mindful of my knees that allow me to reverently kneel in the presence of the Divine Creator.

I bring my awareness to my hips that allow me to stand tall and steady when the tenacious winds of life are raging around me.

I contemplate my hands which are the hands of God, designed for reaching out to others in their time of need, and realizing that I am allowed to receive in my own time of need.

I bring my attention to my elbows which allow me to hold close the people that I love.

My shoulders allow me to lift up my brothers and sisters from the depths of despair and raise my clasped hand skyward to demand justice and equality for all.

My mouth speaks only Truth, the timeless knowledge of faith, hope, and love.

I am the embodiment of God, made in the image of my Divine Creator, commissioned to create a heavenly kingdom here on earth.


Contemplate the softness, the stillness, the silence, the shelter of sable shadows within the mind’s eye. Allow yourself to experience the lightness of release and the fullness of connection with universal oneness.


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