The Blessing of Choice

I have choices.
I live in a country that protects my freedom of choice. Freedom to choose my words, spoken
and written. Freedom to choose my friends and acquaintances, freedom to choose my place of worship and my place of employment. I have the freedom to travel and explore without
restrictions. I am allowed to vote for my choice of government leaders. When any of these
inalienable rights are compromised, which unfortunately, is a deplorable but inevitable
occurrence, I have the freedom to gather with others and ensure that my basic human rights and those of others are guaranteed. That is a blessing.

I have choices.
I have friends and family that support me in my choices. They accept me unconditionally and allow my sometimes-unconventional freedom of expression. Our differences of opinion are an opportunity to discuss new ideas, learn from each other, and grow mentally and spiritually. They also recognize a choice as a basic human right that should not be denied. Furthermore, the diversity of our beliefs and opinions, which are choices, only serve to enrich our relationships and strengthen our community. That is a blessing.

I have choices.
My mind is clear and focused. I am capable of making informed and competent decisions.
Making personal lifestyle decisions related to work responsibilities, leisure activities, and family commitments is an opportunity and an asset so often overlooked. We fail to recognize the enormity of this benefit until we realize that as we age, we may one day be denied this opportunity, through no fault of our own. The mental capacity to make a choice is a blessing.

The gift of a choice is a blessing indeed. It is grace in action. We sometimes overlook the dignity of this grace until we no longer have the mental capacity, the encouragement and support of those close to us, or the legal guarantees of basic human rights, to make those personal choices that influence our physical health, our financial wealth, and our mental stability. In fact, our ability to live abundant and productive lives is dependent upon choices. We make choices every day and many times we are blissfully unaware of the significance these decisions can make in our lives. Starting with the seemingly inconsequential choices of deciding what to prepare for dinner to the painful and sometimes agonizing choices of dealing with a family member crippled by an addiction, every choice is a blessing and an occasion for mindful connection. Be grateful for the opportunity to choose. These moments provide a chance for reflection, a chance to search one’s soul and discover the strength, resilience, compassion and divinity within each one of us.
Every aspect of our lives is impacted by our choices. We don’t always have a choice in
circumstances, but we decide how to respond to those difficult and painful events that are part of the human condition. Regardless of the situation before us, we should commit to being the voice of kindness, empathy, and respect for everyone involved, including ourselves. We must choose to be positive, and empower others with strength, honesty, and compassion. We must choose to resist all forms of negativity, tirelessly opposing deceit, oppression, and hatred.

Ultimately, it is only about one choice, and that is love.

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