Boldly Going Nowhere

Boldly going nowhere. Just think about that sentence for a moment. No speeding down the interstate in the middle of a traffic nightmare to get to work on time. No rushing to get the kids to band practice on time. No relentless internet surfing to get on board with the next trendy fad that will bring beauty, riches, success, or the most heart clicks on Twitter. No more climbing the corporate ladder. Boldly going nowhere.

What would that look like? Is it even a possibility in this competitive, technologically demanding, 24/7 society that we call home? What if time stood still? Even for just a week? What if you actually immersed yourself in the daily experience of being? Seeing everything with new eyes, as if it is your first time? So mindful of the present that you could actually remember the drive to work and what you had for breakfast?

I had an amazing opportunity to do just that while surrounded by the verdant, flourishing foliage of the Mexican jungle. Needless to say, it was an immediate culture shock. First of all, the jungle sounds nothing like the city. The slow steady hum of traffic is nonexistent. The obnoxious sound of leaf blowers and lawn mowers is mercifully absent, the clanging cacophony of construction equipment does not exist, and not a single aerodynamic rumble of a jet airplane is to be found anywhere in the beautiful blue sky. Every day is calm, serene, restful, mellow, restorative, and inspirational, allowing me to collect myself and just breathe. How did I happen upon this amazing sanctuary? I attended a spiritual retreat with Bob Sima and Shannon Plummer, aptly named Boldly Going Nowhere, with the intention of being present in the now and the here. Nowhere.

I, and my twenty other retreat mates, experienced a now moment in time while here in the ageless jungle intertwined in the immortal spiritual energy of the Ancient Mayans. This amazing retreat took place at the beautiful Hotel Oka’an, so close to Chichen Itza, you could see El Castillo in the distance. Completely surrounded by lush vegetation, beautiful turquoise skies, soft breezes, warm healing sunshine, a pool that looked as if it was a celestial creation from the energy of the jungle floor, bungalows with thatched roofs, a turtle inspired sweat lodge, and a relaxing spa, it was truly a spiritual sanctuary. We were even greeted by a statue of the corn god, the creator of humanity, according to Mayan legend.

Through meaningful song and verse, challenging and illuminating discussions, soul searching revelations, shamanic healing, and the calm stillness of the mystical jungle we were challenged with the task of looking within to find divine purpose and direction, strength to endure the perpetual journey, courage to step out of the box and live a more authentic life, and a cosmic awareness of our connection to everything on our amazing planet. I think I speak for everyone when I say, we found precisely that and more.

We explored the ancient Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, purified our bodies and minds in a sweat lodge ceremony, swam in a sacred cenote of life giving water, learned new songs, made new friends, gained new perspectives, and found contentment in just being in the here and the now. Not regretting the past or fearing the future. We were able to just be. Right here, right now. The grace of the present moment is an invaluable gift.

Nowhere. It’s the best place to be.


Our soul resides in the present moment, in the here and now. And it is capable of receiving insights and resolutions to obstacles that our minds could never conceive of.

Carolyn Myss

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