In today’s world we are bombarded with distractions that alter our innate and intimate relationship with the universe. There is constant noise – a cacophony of sound that drowns out the soft whispers of nature. Sounds of engines from vehicles on the ground, in the air, and at sea. Sirens and alarms that are redundantContinue reading “Breathe”

Cerebral Calisthenics

Would you like to decrease depression and anxiety, boost your self-confidence, sharpen your memory, AND sleep better? All this can be accomplished in about 3 – 5 hours per week. What is this magic treatment? Exercise. That’s right. That thing your mom used to tell you to go outside and get when you were aContinue reading “Cerebral Calisthenics”

Plentiful Produce

Signs of spring are everywhere! April showers. May flowers. Sparkling sunshine. Blossoming flowers and flourishing gardens. Colorful fresh produce. Farmer’s Markets. I love the Marietta Farmer’s Market. There are over 50 vendors with a variety of edibles ranging from cucumbers to watermelons, home-made breads to sweet desserts, and healthy teas to infused oils. So manyContinue reading “Plentiful Produce”

Silent Sustainable Slumber

Sleep, a five letter word meaning a condition of the body in which the muscles are relaxed, the eyes are closed, and consciousness is suspended. For most of us, the word sleep conjures up relaxing thoughts and images such as fluffy sheep leaping over fences, raindrops showering metal roofs, meditating beside a waterfall, watching babiesContinue reading “Silent Sustainable Slumber”

Healthy Holidays!

Fall is here, bringing with it that special time of year from October through December, that we associate with the holidays, Pumpkin Season! Here’s the best news! The great orange pumpkin is not just for family gatherings anymore. We can enjoy it on a daily basis with friends and family or completely alone. Everything fromContinue reading “Healthy Holidays!”

Letting Go

For four amazingly wonderful days in October, I enjoyed a relaxing respite at the Art of Living Ayurveda spa in Boone, NC. The retreat sits atop a mountain surrounded by rolling green hills that are just beginning to reveal the beautiful colors of fall, soothing saffron, ardent amber, and colorful crimson. My days there wereContinue reading “Letting Go”

Gut Health Equals Brain Health

I recently watched Ocean Robbins interview Team Sherzai in relation to their research on preventing Alzheimer’s disease and maintaining optimal brain health. Their years of research have identified the most critical components of having a well-functioning brain for a lifetime. Guess what they are? Diet, exercise, stress reduction. Sounds easy, but most of us fallContinue reading “Gut Health Equals Brain Health”


Green Smoothie The best way to heal your gut is to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, lots of them. They boost your immunity, strengthen the gut lining, enhance your beneficial gut bacteria, and produce more serotonin, which makes you happier. What’s an easy way to get your minimum daily requirement of these nutritional rock stars?Continue reading “Veggilicious”


Meditative Musings I meditate to listen to the silence, to absorb the stillness. I meditate to recharge, energize and focus. I meditate to align my chakras and to integrate mind, body, and soul – the Holy Trinity within. I meditate to find purpose, direction and fulfillment. Lastly, I meditate to find enlightenment and to understandContinue reading “Stillness”


There are many words for spirit – essence, soul, energy, phantom. For some, it is a soul that lives beyond time. For others, it is the essence of a person, a characterization of our individuality. Many believe it is the creative energy that gives life and purpose to our human existence.


So when we eat to maintain gut health we are also feeding our brain. The two are inseparable, but that is true of every organ in our body. One impacts the other. They work together like a well-orchestrated symphony.


Margaret Mead said, “It is easier to change a man’s religion than to change his diet.” True statement for men, women, and children.

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